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Moderate Means: Helping People Find Justice

Charlie Shane is a Bainbridge Island-based attorney who works with clients in the Seattle area and in Kitsap, Mason, and Jefferson counties. For Charlie, the Moderate Means Program has been a great way to give back to his community and help clients who need it.

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Michael Addams

Meet Michael Addams, WSBA Moderate Means Attorney

Like most attorneys, Michael Addams wears many hats: principal partner at the Spokane law firm Addams & Leavitt, board member of CASA Partners and Teen Closet, Washington Air National guardsman, WSBA Low Bono Section member, husband and father. In addition, Michael and his firm have incorporated a significant number of moderate means clients into their […]

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5 Things You Need to Know about the Moderate Means Program

Contributed by Catherine Brown and Clay Wilson Five years ago this April, WSBA launched the Moderate Means Program (MMP), an initiative to help moderate-income individuals and families in Washington connect with lawyers who would offer affordable legal services. The impact on clients, law students and attorneys is overwhelmingly positive, and over the next year we […]

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What is the Washington State Bar Foundation?

That’s a question I get asked a lot, and I’m sure it’s one you’ve asked yourself. Let me start by explaining what it’s not. It is not to be confused with the Legal Foundation of Washington (LFW), which raises and distributes state, private, and IOLTA funds to support civil legal aid across the state. Nor […]

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5 Tips for Holiday Giving

Public service or pro bono work is one way to give back to your community. Another is to donate directly to an organization. During this holiday season and the approaching end of year, you may be looking for ways to help. Whether you are passionate about veteran’s issues, homelessness or children’s education, you can find […]

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2 Easy Ways You Can Help Low-Bono Clients in Washington

As a member of the WSBA, you have probably heard about the Low Bono Section (LBS) and the Moderate Means Program (MMP), but you may not know the differences between the two. Although both entities serve similar client populations, they are very different groups. Here’s a quick introduction to both — and some ways you […]

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