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Celebrate Civil Legal Aid in the Latest NWLawyer

The Constitution guarantees the right to a lawyer when someone is charged criminally, yet says nothing for civil matters. This leaves countless people, many of whom are already financially stretched, to fend for themselves as they face painful situations like an abusive partner or a looming eviction or possible deportation. It wasn’t that long ago […]

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Farewells and Celebrations in the Latest NWLawyer

The WSBA literally would not function without the hundreds upon hundreds of dedicated volunteers who often work behind the scenes to keep the legal profession on a path of progression. Serving selflessly in everything from committees to boards to sections, WSBA volunteers are the propulsive force behind issues that touch the lives of lawyers, LPOs, […]

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Friday 5: Keys to Successful Hiring

Perhaps you are a solo practitioner ready to hire your first assistant, or a small firm practitioner whose practice is thriving and it’s time to add an associate. Whatever your reasons for bringing a new person on board, here are 5 key components that can help make the process a success. Craft an up-to-date, well […]

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Friday 5: Keys to Marketing the Rural Law Practice

Marketing in a small town can present unique challenges to the solo or small firm practitioner. You have a smaller pool of potential clients from which to draw. You also have a product — or, in this case, a service — which doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the traditional advertising and marketing methods of other […]

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2013-14 WSBA Board of Governors

Update from WSBA President Patrick Palace

June flew by! I thought I would take a few minutes to give you an update on the highlights of the month. The month began with our Board of Governors meeting at the WSBA conference center. I am happy to report to you that we had more members watching online then we have ever had before. […]

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Going to COURT to Remember Names

5 Keys to Remembering Names C — Concentrate on listening, instead of what you’re about to say. O — Observe the owner of the name: look into their eyes as they say their name. U — Understand the name and its pronunciation. R — Repeat the name immediately. T — Translate the name into a word that […]

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