Gavel and stethoscope

Legislative Roundup: Physicians, Patients and Politics

As lawyers, we look to case law precedent, but health law is heavily bound to the regulations and laws governing medicine. Because of this, those of us in Washington look to Olympia for making possible changes to our practice and how changes in the practice of medicine and law might impact our clients. Moreover, in […]

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Networking 102: Tips for events

You’ve heard about the importance of networking, you’ve seen a few tips about gearing up to network, now it’s time to take it to the next level: actual networking. Really, what is “networking”? It’s about connecting with others through a commonality: a chosen career, a volunteer opportunity, a cause you’re both passionate about. That connection needs […]

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Lawyer's mingling

Networking 101: Finding Your Crowd

Professional socializing is an integral part of a successful attorney’s career. Yet we attorneys are like moths to the flame as we focus our career on the clock and not on our colleagues. There are often good articles encouraging us to network and extolling the virtues of networking, but there are fewer articles about the […]

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