Net Neutrality

Why I’m Opposing the FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules

This article was originally published by Justin P. Walsh on The Amateur Law Professor. As attorneys, we receive calls to action more than the typical American. We’re called to look over rule changes both locally and statewide. We’re often called to help out friends politically. Many of us serve on boards and commissions where we routinely review […]

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The Transition: Moving from Plaintiff to Defense

Going to the “dark side”: an attorney’s story of transitioning from plaintiff work to defense work. One of the things I often get asked is why I made the transition from plaintiff’s work to defense work. The answer is really complex, personal, and not a story I am likely to tell unless I know you […]

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You’ve Got to Have Balance

Rapper Akrobatic said it best: “I got mad problems with the world though, even my profession.” The problem: lack of balance in the profession. A ton of attorneys haven’t figured out how to balance the needs of making partner with those of having any other identity than “attorney.” This is a surefire way to begin […]

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