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Friday 5: Social Media Ethics

How can law firms use social media to expand their client base, and what RPCs might impact different social media marketing strategies? At the March 28 WSBA Legal Lunchbox CLE, “Social Media Marketing Strategies for Attorneys,” CLE faculty Jeanne Marie Clavere, WSBA’s professional responsibility counsel, Greg McLawsen of Sound Immigration, and Sumeer Singla of Impact […]

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kanban board

How Lawyers Can Use Kanban to Visualize Workflow

Project management is critical for lawyers in any practice. Kanban is a tool that efficiently manages your time and your projects. Busyness is one of the plagues of lawyerdom. How many times have you been asked whether you’re “busy” at your practice? It’s an absurd question when you think about it, because our clients don’t […]

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Legal Tech Startup Weekend

Legal Tech Startup Weekend Post-Mortem

When you last heard from us, we were in the buildup to Seattle’s first-ever Legal Technology Startup Weekend, held the weekend of Oct. 10, 2014, at WeWork. As a refresher, Startup Weekend is a nonprofit organization that hosts three-day competitions where teams develop and launch startup enterprises.

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Innovation in the Practice of Law: Here and Now

The Necessary Tools Are at Hand. We have the tools available. The fix starts with the realization of what technology tools have the potential to do, how they can improve not only our efficiency and bottom lines, but our deliverables, our clients’ experiences, our satisfaction with our practices, and our risk overhead. To bring these […]

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