Gov. Dan Ford on the Board of Governors’ position on R-74

Over the past few weeks, the Board of Governors has received both positive and negative feedback to our decision to endorse R-74 on marriage equality regardless of sexual preference. Since 2008, the Board has had a policy supporting marriage equality based on the relationship among civil marriage, the administration of justice, and the practice of […]

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Weekly Words from President Palace: Week of Jan. 30

Read WSBA President Patrick Palace’s Jan. 30 update. On Saturday, Jan. 25, the day after our Board of Governors meeting, I addressed the  Washington Leadership Institute (WLI) Fellows on the topic of leadership. WLI had “Session 1” of its WLI Leadership Training on the 24th and 25th. Here is the agenda so that you could […]

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President’s Update: Week in review

Last week was a busy week! It started with meetings on Monday of the Strategic Planning and Diversity Committees. Brian Kelly and the Strategic Planning Committee are making good progress and will have a set of goals for discussion at the next board meeting. Tracy Flood is moving forward on a couple fronts with the […]

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Welcome along with President’s week in review

I welcome you to the WSBA’s new blog. I’m excited about the opportunities it brings – the ability to share information, ideas, and opinions while engaging and interacting about subjects of interest. To give you a better window into the presidency and what it entails, on Mondays I plan on sharing highlights from my previous […]

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Marionettes on video screen

‘Deepfakes’: A New Challenge for Trial Courts

The following was excerpted from an article that will appear in a future issue of NWLawyer. The author was also recently interviewed for the “What’s Next” newsletter on LAW.COM, which you can read here. The client shows his lawyer a video he says he took on his cell phone. It shows the defendant saying things […]

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An attorney meditating at this desk

The Well-Being Pledge: A National Effort to Help Attorneys

Earlier this year the American Bar Association, in collaboration with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, conducted the first ever national study on lawyer impairment. This landmark study discovered that more than 20% of attorneys have consistent problematic drinking, nearly one-third report some level of depression, and 11% of attorneys have contemplated suicide at some point […]

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Discount Network icons

WSBA Practice Management Tools and Member Discounts Evolve

The WSBA Practice Management Discount Network has been invaluable to a budget conscious new business owner, and the array of discounts is especially appealing. After working hard to attain my Limited License Legal Technician license, the time came to launch my business. I needed tools and resources and, most importantly, a place to start. The […]

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Two Social Security Cards

Navigating Inherent Bias in Social Security Law

In a perfect world, there’d be less need for the safety nets of Social Security, and no one who warranted disability would be denied because of administrative or subjective biases. This world isn’t perfect, though, and biases exist to the point where a whole industry has been formed to get unduly denied and disabled Americans […]

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