Teleworking man with dog

How to Make Working at Home Work for You

Our days have a completely new schedule. I have spoken to attorneys who are lounging too much and not getting their work done, and then I have spoken to those who are trying too hard to prove they are connected and committed. It’s harder to compartmentalize work and personal life when they are one room apart.

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An attorney meditating at this desk

The Well-Being Pledge: A National Effort to Help Attorneys

Earlier this year the American Bar Association, in collaboration with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, conducted the first ever national study on lawyer impairment. This landmark study discovered that more than 20% of attorneys have consistent problematic drinking, nearly one-third report some level of depression, and 11% of attorneys have contemplated suicide at some point […]

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procrastination busters for lawyers

4 Procrastination Busters for Lawyers

The goal is to feel rejuvenated by the time we spend away from our work, as opposed to feeling avoidant of our responsibilities. A computer has 2 competing purposes: a mind organizer and a mind eraser. The tool we use to refine our thoughts in precision crafted legalese is married to the ultimate implement of […]

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Procrastinator's meeting has been postponed

When Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Head

Procrastination and lawyering seem to go hand in hand. Legal work is intricate and precise, and legal concepts are hard to communicate to most people. This can leave you feeling alone with your burden. There are so many elements of lawyering, such as being organized, using time efficiently, being a productive writer, and being financially […]

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