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Billing: Developing a Winning Procedure

Billing clients for services is not practicing law and it does not take a ton of thought to create a procedure. However, it is important to design a system that works — and to continue to revise and improve it based on experience. If you have little or no procedures in place, here is a […]

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WSBA’s Practice Education Center is Live

The Washington State Bar Association is pleased to announce the Practice Education Center, an online web education resource for law practice management created by the WSBA’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP). Each audio segment is short and easy to digest. They can be streamed or downloaded as MP3 files to listen to on the […]

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Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbols

Picking Practice Management Software: A Guide for Lawyers

With all the different time-and-billing and practice management programs these days, it can be difficult to choose the right one. With all the different time and billing, practice management, and customer management programs these days, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your practice. I’ve talked to many lawyers over the years […]

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Why You Should Check Out WSBA’s Lending Libraries

A while back, I was moderating a program on retirement that mentioned subjects covered in our Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) and Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP) lending libraries. So I plugged the libraries, thinking I was being infinitely helpful. A couple of weeks later, as I reviewed the questions and comments from the program, one […]

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A billboard showing a legal a bill with "Thank you."

The ‘2xFISTed’ Bill

A bill is a communication with a client, which means it is a marketing opportunity. Use this “2xFISTed” acronym to remind you how to make your bill shine and increase the likelihood that it will both get paid promptly and speak to the value you offer your client when she looks at it.

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12 ABA TECHSHOW 2015 Highlights

My second year at the ABA TECHSHOW was magical. I was no longer a deer in the headlights, unable to absorb the massive amounts of content and activities. I made a pact with myself to indulge in every aspect of the event. This is my countdown of what I learned, thought, and got.

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Mission Possible

Mission Possible: Post-Launch Debrief

Mission Possible launched Oct. 1 — a webcast of 30-minute overarching segments on the new legal market and new practitioner, smart marketing, emerging business models, and 15-minute spotlight pieces by leading minds exemplifying key ideas within those broad-stroke concepts.

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