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Friday 5: Reasons Not to Live in Seattle

There are plenty of reasons to live in Seattle… and just as many not to. Allison Peryea graciously narrowed it down to just a handful for this week’s Friday 5. See our “Top 10 Reasons Not to Live in Seattle,” plus more all-in-good-fun Seattle-bashing, in the November 2014 “Not-Seattle” issue of NWLawyer!

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A Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Health and Fitness in 2014: Part 2

Get 5 more tips for staying healthy and in shape in 2014. This is part 2 of Allison Peryea’s life-changing series on improving your health and fitness in 2014. Read Part 1 and share your tips for staying healthy in the comments.  Try the buddy system. I firmly believe in fitness classes. I have tried kickboxing, […]

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Get More Sleep — Without Going to Bed Earlier

7 Tips for Sleeping-in Set your alarm for when you really get up. Eat breakfast at work. Work from home. Wash your hair the night before. Build your wardrobe. Stockpile lunch options. Plan ahead. There is one thing that every young lawyer wants more of. You guessed it: sleep. As a night owl working in a […]

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