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Immigration Reform Implications for High-tech Workers and Entrepreneurs

Green card and gavel on flag
Immigration reform takeaways for high-tech workers and entrepreneurs.

Green card and gavel on flag

The actions announced by President Obama on Nov. 20 will affect not only millions of undocumented individuals but also many American businesses, foreign national employees and their families, and certain highly skilled innovators.

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Friday 5: Implications of Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

Citizens being sworn in at a courthouse
In light of the president’s executive action, immigrant families have new options.

Citizens being sworn in at a courthouse

Yesterday was a big, big deal in immigration law. Whether you view the president’s announcement as executive tyranny or — as I do — a long-overdue reprieve, here are some of the core implications for families.

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Remembering Sher Kung

A tribute to Sher Kung’s life as an inspiring mother, fiancée, and lawyer, as well as information on contributing to her memorial fund.

I have struggled to write this post for Sher Kung. Like so many of us, I was privileged to know Sher. But I did not know her as well as other lawyers and worry that my words will be insufficient to acknowledge the loss to our legal community or to celebrate and honor her life and all the gifts Sher brought to the legal profession. The words that Sher lived by remind me, “Stop overanalyzing, life is simple.”

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Friday 5: Reasons to Sign up for Paperless License Renewal

Log in to myWSBA to sign up for paperless license renewal by Sept. 14.

paperlesslicensing300Looking for reasons to sign up for paperless license renewal for this year?  Try these:

1. Save trees – Last year the WSBA printed over 35,000 license packets – that is about 17 trees!

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Notice from the Washington Attorney General’s Office: Beware of Loan Modification Scams Soliciting Washington Lawyers


From the Washington Attorney General’s Office:

The Washington Attorney General’s Office, the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, and other state agencies across the country, along with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, are conducting a mortgage rescue fraud sweep, taking legal action against companies who prey on homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure.

As part of the sweep, Attorney General Bob Ferguson wishes to alert Washington lawyers to problems that may arise from working with a for-profit loan modification or foreclosure rescue company as part of their practice.

Such companies are often located out of state and could be attempting an end run around state regulations and consumer protection laws by integrating Washington lawyers into their operation. These companies typically promise Washington borrowers that they can modify their loan, stop or postpone their foreclosure, or reduce their debt — usually for a hefty upfront fee.  Not only do they typically not perform as promised, they also divert borrowers from meeting with state housing counselor to evaluate their options at no charge, see and 877-894-HOME, or getting information about legal aid services at Read more »


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