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WSBA-CLE Summer Sale

Friday 5: Build your CLE playlist with the WSBA-CLE Summer Sale

Take advantage of unbelievable savings on all recorded CLE products, now through July 22.

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Caution on the Road to Limited License Legal Technicians

Proceed with Caution
Latina/o Bar Association of Washington’s President urges caution in exploring immigration law as LLLT practice area.

Proceed with CautionThe Washington Supreme Court, when it adopted the Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) Rule, wrote of the need for this new profession due to the large gaps in accessing legal services for low-income and moderate means persons. Despite widespread recognition of this gap, the creation of the unprecedented LLLT has been met with skepticism by many attorneys. While the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington (LBAW) agrees wholeheartedly with the Washington Supreme Court on the need to provide a broad range of affordable legal services to low- and moderate-income populations, the experience of our communities in dealing with non-lawyers providing legal services gives us pause. Read more »


Progress Update: Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) Program

The first courses for legal technicians are being taught. Learn more about the next steps and how the legal community is reacting.

newsAs you may recall, the Supreme Court adopted the Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) rule in June 2012, which authorizes new legal professionals who meet certain educational requirements to advise and assist clients in approved practice areas of law. The LLLT Board began implementation of the rule in January 2013, and I want to provide an update on our progress.

We began the process of implementation by addressing the following parts of the process: define the scope of practice; develop an education program that teaches to the scope of practice; develop Rules of Professional Conduct; develop examinations that will test the competency of the applicants. Read more »


Why I’m Opposing the FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules

Net Neutrality
Attorney Justin P. Walsh urges you to review the proposed changes to “Net Neutrality” rules, and offers comment.

Net NeutralityThis article was originally published by Justin P. Walsh on The Amateur Law Professor.

As attorneys, we receive calls to action more than the typical American. We’re called to look over rule changes both locally and statewide. We’re often called to help out friends politically. Many of us serve on boards and commissions where we routinely review mounds of paperwork and attempt to act in an organization’s best interests. Some of these calls we answer; many we ignore. I urge each and every one of you not to ignore the FCC’s proposed changes to its “Net Neutrality” rules. Read more »


Heartbleed and Passwords: What Lawyers Need to Know

Heartbleed bug
Is your information safe?

Heartbleed bugHeartbleed (a cooler name for a computer bug was never found!) has blown our sense of Internet security. Not only did it leave a wee backdoor open on nearly any site using OpenSSL, giving hackers potential open season on collecting your passwords to many of the sites you use regularly, but it potentially made your clients’ information vulnerable as well — especially if you use the same passwords on multiple sites.

What Heartbleed looks for is temporary memory. That means anything that you accessed while you worked or played on the computer: passwords, sites visited, cookies downloaded, and files opened. Read more »


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